Knowing Fat Monk

"Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Few crazy minds set out to capture creativity with single mindedness and honesty in the field of storytelling, thus found THE FAT MONK. FAT MONK is serenity in the clustered field of Video Production.

How can I say that?

It's the Fat Monk's zeal to make the viewer, a witness of better visual mastery, amalgamation of emotions and a thought to part away with. More the fat monk cultivates, more it delivers innovation and brilliance to your, correction our product.

Thus, Fat Monk will always connect to anyone and everyone who wants to contribute into the vast world of visuals.

Fat Monk's Mission

Fat Monk's believes procedures can be given but you must create your own to glory. We at Fat Monk want to be the flag bearers of content with identity. Creative bouquets that have the perfect essence of vision, craft and brand product.

We don't fear the other side, failure's it rather gives us a new insight of life.

FAT MONK, ten years from now would have the same intent where we still will be learners trying to experiment the same way as we are today. Thus will be ten times bigger, ten times wiser and even better in our art of storytelling.

Fat monk is a start up by Sandeep Menon who has a lot of experience in the television, advertisement & digital space ' having worked with National Geographic, MTV,AXN, STAR Network and a host of other networks. He believes that the secret of a good work is the strength and hardwork of the team.

We are constantly trying to experiment and innovate as we try out new things keeping in mind not to bend any rules. There is content everywhere, there is a story in every corner, it's just the matter of bringing it to the right audience in the right way.